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Personal Branding: Old School vs. New School Benefits

Personal Branding Blog at Brandma's House

To be a Brandma is to be a classic. It means never going out of style. That’s because being old enough to know how to keep up is not easy for everyone. It’s as timeless as jeans with a white button down. The only give away that time has passed could be found in a trendy hair style.

Trends come and go but the classics never go out of style. If you pay close attention to what folx are calling personal brands, you can tell which ones will burn out, fade out, or stand out.

Personal branding is barely evolving

From its original form of climbing the corporate ladder to a risky startup, a status quo exist. Get seen by those that matter. In the beginning it was about getting noticed as a company man. As an entrepreneur it’s getting noticed as an expert. And with that is the constant "you are your brand" gospel being preached by the rich and famous or those that follow the rich and famous. In Brandma’s House, no one’s listen’n.

The benefits of personal branding, especially for entrepreneurs, comes with more than a founders story and hard times. Your personal brand is NOT your personal life story. It's a strategic way to show the world what your business brings to the table and the impact that has on the world-at-large. So, let's break it down.

Old School Bene-s: All about you

These are the tried-and-true ways to make sure you’re seen as the big baller shot caller in your field. Think of it like being a hype man. Even Flava Flav got his own show:

  • Be the Top Dog: Folx wanna know YOU as the go to. Consistent content and social proof means you’re the shit.

  • Show the Shiny Shit: Speaking gigs, guest posts, collaborations – these opportunities come knock’n when folx recognize you got game.

  • Boost Your Street Cred: Let's say you're lookin' for a new client. A strong personal brand makes a helluva first impression.

But There's a Catch:

Building a personal brand takes work. You can’t just roll out the house all willy nilly. You gotta be consistent, produce quality content, and engage with your audience like they're fam. Plus, it might require some investment in tools or resources.

New School Bene-s: All about you an nem

Once you’ve positioned your personal brand so it’s ten toes down, you will attract folx by being a leader. You will set trends instead of following them. Take it to the next level:

  • Shape the Conversation: Become the voice folx listen to, the one who sets the tone in your field. You're a thought leader, sweetheart!

  • Attract the Best: A strong brand attracts top collaborators and clients. Folx will come at you with the, take my money mentality!

  • Make a Difference: Use your platform to champion change you care about. It’s corny as hell but be the change you wanna see in the world!

The New Ain't Easy Either:

Now, these new benefits come with their own set of challenges. You gotta stay on top of the game, marketing strategies are a whole nother ball game, and measuring your brand's impact can be tricky. But hey, that's why Brandma's here!

The Takeaway: Find Your Sweet Spot

There is no one-size-fits-all for personal brand building. To become a classic with new school flavor depends on your goals, your resources, and your industry.

  • Focus on traditional bene-s if: You wanna be the go-to and do all the work.

  • Embrace the emerging bene-s if: You wanna be a thought leader, scale a business, or make a positive impact.

Your brand is about your professional doing, not your personal laundry. Focus on sharing the expertise of your business with a younique that brings value to the game.

Now, let's start a convo! Share your questions and goals in the comments below – Brandma loves hearing from her brandbabies!


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