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Official Bio

Phyllis Williams-Strawder is a certified brand strategist known as the Ghetto Country Brandmother® and is the founder and HBIC of Brandma's House. Phyllis is also a certified life and business coach. She describes herself as an empathic bitch who challenges solopreneurs to brand better.

Phyllis spent ten years of her life building a multi-million dollar food brand that she owned and operated with her husband. She took that experience and started learning all she could about branding, brand strategy and marketing. She is the author of several books and the host of the Brandma's House podcast.


Phyllis currently lives in Texas with her husband Neil, their daughter Morgan, and dog Little Seymour.

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Phyllis Williams-Strawder is an author, podcaster, and HBIC of Brandma’s House. She’s The Ghetto Country Brandmother® who wants to change business failure rate statistics.


Phyllis describes herself as an empathic bitch challenging self-aware solopreneurs who are starting over to use brand strategy to scale their impact as brand leaders. She’s here for the respectful rebellion.

Getting lost on the way to becoming an entrepreneur is to damn common. It's usually because we take a path we don't know. We also have a tendency to take the path that someone else created. Creating your own shortcuts and knowing when to diverge is scary because you may not see yourself as a trailblazer. It's time to stop going in circles and trust that you know what's best for you.


Phyllis Williams-Strawder, aka The Ghetto Country Brandmother®, is a Rebel Brand Strategist with 4 Business Coaching certifications and 2 Life Coaching certifications with a degree in business. She is aformer bbq restaurant owner & certified bbq judge. She built her former business into a multi-million dollar brand before she knew anything about branding.

In this Brand Loyalty issue we talk to Phyllis Williams-Strawder first of her name and Brandmother to many, about how she helps her clients build super authentic brands and attract engaged and loyal customers!


Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast interview with Phyllis Williams-Strawder to learn about her insightful journey from barbecue to branding, becoming an entrepreneur, communicating online, using Clubhouse, and many more stories and lessons from a tremendous thought leader.

Find out why customer service and a quality product do not equal branding from the “ghetto country brand strategist”, Phyllis Williams-Strawder.


Most restaurants come on the scene with a recipe and a dream. They have a burning desire to feed the masses. It doesn’t matter if they operate from a brick and mortar, food truck or pop up. All they want is for everyone to experience the love they plate and serve. I know this second hand.

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