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Official Bio

Phyllis Williams-Strawder is the Ghetto Country Brandmother®, founder and HBIC of Brandma's House. She's a nurturing and empathic bitch who works with self-aware, shiny object chasers who have the audacity to build a scalable personal brand. 

Besides having a degree in business, Phyllis holds certifications as a life coach, business coach, branding strategist, and psychology marketing specialist. She's been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and grew her last business from her dining room table to a multi-million dollar brand.


In her former life, Phyllis owned and operated Bigmista's Barbecue with her husband, Neil. What started as bbq lunch deliveries from home became two restaurants and a catering company. Under her old personal brand of Mrs. Mista she appeared on Man Fire Food, The Great Food Truck Race, and Good Day L.A.

Phyllis is the author of Branding, Boundaries, & Bullshit as well as Balance Is Bullshit. Do you see the bullshit theme? She published her memoir, That Damn Girl Stuff, in 2019 and co-authored a children's book, Morgan Mischief, with her daughter, and a poetry book with her father & daughter. And let's not forget hosting Brandma's Podcast.

Phyllis now lives in Texas with her dude, her daughter, and her dog.

Approved Photos​
Ghetto country brandmother in black and white smoking a cigar at Bo's Cigar Lounge in Bellflower, California.
Ghetto Country Brandmother at a library in Cerritos California
Ghetto country brandmother in color smoking a cigar at Bo's Cigar Lounge in Bellflower, California.

Brandmaster Academy Podcast- with host Stephen Houraghan

Explore the transformation from a booming barbecue business to the vibrant field of brand strategy. Learn about Phyllis' strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome, realizing self-worth, and harnessing the power of strategic personal branding.

Join Stephen Houraghan and Phyllis Williams Strawder for an inspiring discussion that will transform your perception of brand strategy and personal branding. This episode not only unveils Phyllis' extraordinary path but also delves into the significance of authenticity, strategic thinking, and making a meaningful impact in the branding realm.

  • The transition from a thriving barbecue business to brand strategy consultancy.

  • The influence of authenticity and personal brand on your career trajectory.

  • Effective strategies to overcome imposter syndrome and recognize your intrinsic value.

  • The critical role of strategic branding in elevating both businesses and personal brands.

Brand Identity Design Podcast - with host Jaison Thomas

Welcome to the heart of Texas City, with our vibrant guest, Phyllis Mini-Series: | LIVE on LinkedIn Audio Weekly, Every Wednesday from October 18th to November 22nd at 3 PM EST — In this episode of "The Branding Fkery" mini-series, we initiate our exploration of Phyllis Williams-Strawder's book, "Branding, Boundaries, & Bullshit," by delving into Chapter 2: Boundaries. We delve into the concept of brand ego and the vital importance of establishing clear boundaries in personal branding.


We'll closely examine how communication goes both ways, the significance of the audience of the personal brand, strategies for marketing maximum attraction, the reasons why positioning has you sit'n pretty, and the principles of C.A.M.P to the CORE. Join us as we dissect the wisdom in this chapter and empower you to define and safeguard your personal brand's boundaries. Save the date!

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The RebelRebel Podcast -  with host Michael Dargie

Start branding before you start selling

Discover the essence of authentic personal branding with Phyllis Williams-Strawder, the Ghetto Country Grandmother, on The RebelRebel Podcast. She challenges conventional 'code-switching,' advocates for starting branding before selling, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining personal boundaries in public platforms. A must-listen for entrepreneurs and rebels in branding.


  • Phyllis Williams-Strawder's stance against 'code-switching' and advocating for consistent authenticity.

  • The strategy of beginning branding before selling to create organic growth.

  • Caution against turning personal life into public content, emphasizing boundaries.

  • The concept of 'getting lost' as a learning experience.

  • Future plans of launching a hat line.

  • The critique of the overused term 'authenticity' in branding.

Small Business Origins Podcast - with host John Kelley

Phyllis is known as the Ghetto Country Brandmother®. She is an empathic bitch who nurtures solopreneur brandbabies who are self-aware and starting over so they scale with impact. She left her multi-million dollar bbq business because she doesn't like to cook on purpose. Also, she wants to impact failure rate statics for independent businesses. She's been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, has a degree in business, and holds certifications as a brand strategist, business coach and life coach.

In this episode, Phyllis shares her journey into entrepreneurship, starting from selling barbecue dinners out of her home to help fund her husband's barbecue competitions, all the way to opening two restaurants together. After realizing the restaurant business wasn't for her, Phyllis pivoted into business coaching and branding. She discusses the importance of being true to yourself in business and "owning your ghetto country" - drawing on your own unique roots and experiences to shape your brand and connect with your ideal audience. Listen in to learn more about Phyllis's branding philosophy and how she helps entrepreneurs develop strong, authentic personal brands that attract the right customers.

75 Ghetto Country Brandmother® Cover Art.png

Learn Speak Teach- with host Ben Albert

In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, personal branding has emerged as a critical tool for standing out and thriving. Like any other brand, your personal brand is an asset that can set you apart and propel you to success in any fiercely competitive arena.


In this episode featuring Phyllis Williams-Strawder, also known as the Ghetto Country Brandmother, we delve into personal branding. Phyllis is the driving force behind Brandma’s House, where she helps personal brands grow the fuck up. She is a Rebel Brand Strategist and former BBQ restaurant owner of the multi-million-dollar brand Bigmista’s Barbecue & Sammich Shop.

The Unnoticed Entrepreneur Podcast - with host Jim James

Welcome to the heart of Texas City, with our vibrant guest, Phyllis Williams-Strauder, a barbecue restaurant owner turned brand strategist. She's not just a businesswoman; she's a storyteller, a mentor, and most importantly, a fighter who battled imposter syndrome to build a multi-million dollar brand consultancy.


Join us as Phyllis unveils her journey, from the smoky corners of a barbecue joint to the shiny boardrooms where she helps clients build authentic brands. It's not just about Phyllis; it's about her core belief in shifting focus from herself to those she seeks to assist.

Phyllis Williams-Strawder.png
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Entrepreneur Podcast - with host Reggie B

Phyllis Williams-Strawder, AKA 'The Getto Country Brandmother', is a straight-shooting, tell it like it is, no bullshit given or taken kind of person! In other words, she's my kind of person! We had a great conversation on the importance of your personal brand, and why it needs to be different than all the corporate type B.S. that everyone tells you to do. We also talk about why your personal brand needs to be separated from your life, and she goes in-depth into the three different categories that are important when establishing your personal brand.

Profiting With Non-Profits Podcast - with host Sean Littman

This week I took a trip down to Brandma's House and sat down with Ghetto Country Brandma. We connected recently on LinkedIn and I found her method of diving into brand building just amazing and wanted to get her on to discuss the ins and outs of building a brand. We covered some great topics with nothing left on the table. Brandma tells it how it is. 

IG POST Apr 26th 2023 Phyllis Williams-Strawder 12 PM EST.png

The Brand Identity Design Podcast - with host Jaison Thomas

Thank you for joining us in this captivating discussion with renowned personal branding expert & strategist, Phyllis Williams-Strawder. You will gain valuable insights on leveraging your 2-word personal brand to capture your listener's attention and endorse your business brand. We will help you understand the impact of personal branding on your business success and how you can elevate your branding game to the next level. 

The Futur Podcast - with host Chris Do

Phyllis Williams-Strawder is a certified brand strategist, life and business coach, and psychology marketing specialist who is known as the Ghetto Country Brandmother®. She has a passion for guiding people and helping them become brand leaders.

Phyllis began her career in the food industry. She started by delivering lunches from her dining room table to eventually owning two restaurants and a catering company that generated millions in revenue. Her personal brand at that time was Mrs. Mista, where she was known for her motherly vibe.

As her business grew, Phyllis herself grew out of the role and began coaching. She got her certification as a brand coach, and brand strategy allowed her to embrace her ghetto-country roots and find her real voice. And The Ghetto Country Brandmother® was born.


The Ankit Sherke Design Podcast - with host Ankit Sherke

Phyllis Williams-Strawder is an author, podcaster, and HBIC of Brandma’s House. She’s The Ghetto Country Brandmother® who wants to change business failure rate statistics.


Phyllis describes herself as an empathic bitch challenging self-aware solopreneurs who are starting over to use brand strategy to scale their impact as brand leaders. She’s here for the respectful rebellion.

Keynote @ BND DSGN Conference

Getting lost on the way to becoming an entrepreneur is to damn common. It's usually because we take a path we don't know. We also have a tendency to take the path that someone else created. Creating your own shortcuts and knowing when to diverge is scary because you may not see yourself as a trailblazer. It's time to stop going in circles and trust that you know what's best for you.


Phyllis Williams-Strawder, aka The Ghetto Country Brandmother®, is a Rebel Brand Strategist with 4 Business Coaching certifications and 2 Life Coaching certifications with a degree in business. She is aformer bbq restaurant owner & certified bbq judge. She built her former business into a multi-million dollar brand before she knew anything about branding.

In this Brand Loyalty issue we talk to Phyllis Williams-Strawder first of her name and Brandmother to many, about how she helps her clients build super authentic brands and attract engaged and loyal customers!


Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast interview with Phyllis Williams-Strawder to learn about her insightful journey from barbecue to branding, becoming an entrepreneur, communicating online, using Clubhouse, and many more stories and lessons from a tremendous thought leader.

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