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EQ, Emotional Hooks, & An Expressive Personal Brand

Blog post in Brandma's House titled EQ, Emotional Hooks & An Expressive Personal Brand

I'm sitting here trying to write this post and I'm fucking pissed. Is it personal, yes. Is it personal branding, no. I made the decision to start batching content on the weekend and I finally got it done. I scheduled a week's worth on LinkedIn and the one that posted today and yesterday are not up to my usual engagement. And it's fucking with me because this week was all about EQ, emotional quotient (intelligence). And right now, my emotions are running the show.

Here's the thing about my EQ and my personal branding as I see it. I can't let my personal emotions run this show. If I did, I would slam my laptop in an effort not to throw it across the room. My anger will subside, eventually, but if I wait for it then this blog may never get written. If I let my emotions stop me from writing then I will spiral and start thinking about giving up. If I give in to the those thoughts, then I'll start being resentful. It's just a shit show waiting to happen.

Now, while all of this is true, I want you flip your focus. Your client is having a similar crisis. Do you know your EQ enough to tap in? What is the emotional hook you would use? That depends on what you offer. The emotional hook of a mindset coach could be different than that of a writing coach. Both may be of assistance, but the one who hooks me emotionally is the one I'll most likely roll with.

Using emotions to get a client may give you that ick factor because it feels manipulative. At least that used to be my argument for feeling bad the whole process. It probably stems from my dad. He was a real estate broker with his own firm. My dad was an arrogant man in every sense of the word. That didn't stop me from being a daddy's girl. What I came to realize was that it was his attitude that made it feel manipulative.

And that brings me to your EQ. This isn't about making personal branding personal; it's about using emotions as a tool for strategic distinction in your industry or market. Your EQ isn't just a measure of how nice you are to someone. It's the key to understanding and navigating the emotions of you and your audience. Here's what that strategy could look like:

1. Strategic Connections

Establish relatability beyond the surface by understanding and responding to the emotions of your audience. It's an approach that builds trust and loyalty beyond the transactional.

2. Strategic Communication

Communicate with impact, ensuring your messages resonate genuinely. Your expression becomes a powerful tool for building relatability without getting overly personal.

3. Strategic Grace

Challenges are part of any journey, but with emotional intelligence, you navigate them. Handle difficult situations with finesse and leave a positive imprint.

4. Strategic Inspiration and Motivation

Become a source of inspiration for your audience. You'll create a fam around your brand, motivating others who align with it.

So, how do you harness your EQ so you can inject your personal brand with a emotional hook?

  • Know Yourself: Before you start aim your emotions at folx, understand the landscape. What floats your boat? What makes you tick?

  • Share Your Story: Don't just list your services. Share your journey, your struggles, your triumphs and let it lead somewhere. Don't let them land like lead balloons.

  • Show, Don't Tell: Don't just talk about your it, be about it. Share your clients journey, successes, and positive change. What did your brand add to the world?

EQ is a journey, not a destination. As you cultivate emotional intelligence, your personal brand naturally evolves, becoming more powerful, genuine, and magnetic.


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