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A nurturing space to PB&Slay from brandbaby to Brand Leader. 

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Having the ability to scale a brand as unique as your finger print happens here. This 1:1 DWY service takes you from branding, to marketing, to scaling in less time than others in your industry.

The Bold brandbaby is are business owners...

  • Who are beginning to see diminishing returns

  • Who want to cultivate a more receptive audience

  • Who want to scale to a new level in their business

Work with Brandma who is certified as a brand strategist, life & business coach, and a marketing specialist.


Together you'll develop a:

  • personal brand that endorses the business brand

  • pricing model that increases revenue and streamlines your offers

  • strategies for branding, marketing, and content for better alignment

Bold Brandbaby™ Experience

You know you have a brand problem when you're still in hustle and grind mode after being in business at least 2-3 years. We've all heard the phrase, "work smarter, not harder." Taking time to develop a brand is how you do it.

If you've...

  • been in business at least 2 years

  • haven't broken the 100k mark

  • can't afford a good VA

  • been caught up in being a brand

then you definitely need a time out.

Developing a more strategic personal brand is how you close the gap of where you are to where you want to be. Make time so you can take time for yourself.

Taking a Branded Time Out is how you fill in those gaps so you can grow, scale, or sell.​ As a business owner you shouldn't have to work every day unless you want to. 

Branded Time Out
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If you're looking to grow but not scale then a 2-word brand is the game changer you need. It's a small pivot with a big impact.


A 2-word brand sets the stage for how you play the game. Hitting strangers with the full monty of your pitch is a turn off. If thirsty were still a thing, an elevator pitch would be the business version.

A 2-word brand not only gives you space to grow, it makes you more memorable, engaging, and sets the foundation to scale.


A 2-word brand goes everywhere you go.

  • social media bios

  • in-person networking

  • content creation and marketing

Stop giving stalker vibes and call it a personal brand.

And remember, it's the little things that mean so much to people.

2-Word Branding
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If you ret ta go, register now!

Don't keep wasting time doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

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