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Where business folx who consult, create, or cook can develop their personal brand without taking shit personally. And without sacrificing profits.

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis up to 10 max

Everything you need to grow and scale from
a party of one

Branded Youniversity is a comprehensive game plan for service-based business folx who want to PB&Slay. That's personal brand & slay in case you didn't know.


Branded You is all about strategic personal branding. This includes brand strategy, marketing strategy, content strategy, and more.


The PB&Slay experience is a nurturing 1:1 space with you and Brandma. It's about learning how to C.O.D.E., C.A.M.P., and P.L.A.Y. the brand game.

Branded You is about you going from brandbaby to brand leader. No more, I am my brand shit that has you chasing your tail.


It's hard enough building a business alone. You don't have to build a brand alone.

I fully appreciate finding this uncut diamond during a time of turmoil. Branding is like the secret sauce to having a successful business. The Time Out is aptly named; however, the sweat and almost tears are worth it because when I speak about my business, I have clarity of what I do and who I do it for.

Casandra Johnson,

The Ethical Strategist

If you're a shiny object chaser
with tangible skills, I gotchu.


It's about putting you first in your brand, not the audience. No more people-pleasing the masses. You get to do shit your way. Most of what you know isn't taught in schools or comes from a book. Well neither does your personal brand.

Stop struggling to get folx to pay attention.

Fuck the know, like, and trust bullshit you've been fed. That's like trying to make new friends at a new school in the 12th grade. Nobody is check'n for you like that.

Get the brand freedom you want,
with the clients you want,
at the price you want,

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis up to 10 max

I remember starting over for the 3rd time
(or was it the 6th or 7th)

I didn't have a front man anymore. I didn't have a safety net anymore.

I didn't have a Plan B anymore.

I didn't even have the self-confidence I had before.

You may be saying to yourself, "How in the fresh hell am I going to make this work? I know how to do what I know how to do. I don't know shit about branding and marketing."

man in black crew neck t-shirt smiling_e

You might also fuss at yourself saying, "How did I turn this into a fucking job I hate? I'm paying folx who don't understand what I want. This is not how I saw this going."

School Girl with Book in front of natural rustic red brick background holding book up to h

"I don't know what to charge for what I do. I'm not even sure how to package what I do."

Does it matter if I'm an introvert or extrovert?

man in blue and white long sleeve shirt_edited.jpg

"I don't wanna be one of those people always complaining about imposter syndrome. I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about branding and marketing."


"Why do I feel like I'm always working my ass off, but my business isn't growing."

"I'm making the same money this years as last year."

If any of the statements above make you feel some kinda way...


Trust and believe, you are not alone.

You can do better and you don't have to turn your life into content. That's right! No endless hours of creating meaningless posts that get you all the likes and no money.

Stop chase'n the shit that doesn't work.

That way is long and wrong for you. You're making noise instead of causing engagement. There is a shorter route to six figures that doesn't require infringing on your personal life.

Here's the thing...

Trying to sell without a marketing is foolishness.

Trying to market without a brand is fuckery.

Strategic branding is a tool you use to gain an audience, increase leads, and position for better pricing.


Strategy converts to leads which converts to clients which convert to revenue. Without strategy you're in constant hustle mode trying to make money any which way you can.

Branded Youniversity is where you develop a strategic personal brand. Next you develop a content and marketing strategy that works for you. No more wasting time on shit that doesn't work for YOU!

It's all about the PB&Slay
Get spoiled with hands-on
nurturing to brand and
market your biz


It's not about telling you what to do. It's about figuring out what's right for you.


Get the 1-on-1 attention you deserve. Work with someone who considers your life, brand, and business in the process. Take action after every session to close that gap of where you are to where you wanna be in your business.

What would being spoiled look like for you?
Go big or go home

Are you wishing for 4 hour work days? What about 4 day work weeks? Could you be happy with 4 months off a year? I know. You're trying to get to $4k/wk or $40k/mo.

Like A River_edited.jpg

What about an exit strategy that includes 7-figures or only 7 clients per year? Could you work with less stress about where your next client was coming from? I think we're on to something.


What if you could cherry pick your clients instead of accepting anyone who threw money at you? What about scaling to other streams of income that you would enjoy?

woman in yellow bikini standing on beach during daytime_edited.jpg

If you aren't afraid to speak in public, why not get paid for it? What about a magazine feature to spread your message?

a woman wearing a hat and glasses posing for a picture_edited_edited.jpg

Or maybe you just want a simple life - day at the spa, pedicure and a nap on Tuesday afternoon. Have brunch with mom on Wednesday.

Girl receiving massage_edited.jpg
I can't promise you all of the above, but I'm here to make it possible.

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis up to 10 max


Meet the
Ghetto Country Brandmother®

Founder & Head Brandma In Charge

I'm here for the overwhelmed, burned out, plain ol fucking tired brandbabies who wanna stop working so hard to make their money.


I here to nurture shiny object chasers who have a bunch of great ideas but don't know how to fit them into their life, brand, or business.

I'm here for the long game of making sure you do what you want, charge what you want, so you can live how you want.

Basically, I'm here for you

Take time to make time

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis up to 10 max

Here's some hand-holding highlights

Four 1:1 virtual house calls every month

Weekly actionable task

Social media monitoring

Access to replays

What comes from hand holding

Strategy for your brand, marketing, and content

Aligning personal brand with business brand

Mindset shift for better expected results

Sales pipeline for qualified leads

Establishing strategic partnerships

  • I already have a lot on my plate. Should I join now, or later?
    I would have to say that's a personal choice, but if you don't have the time to put into it, you won't get what you want out of it. Also note that I limit the capacity because I like to give everyone my personal attention when it's their time. I can't do that if I have 20-30 people running around my calendar.
  • How much is it?
    For people who have not gone through the Time out is $1700/mo. For my Time Out brandbabies is $1000/mo. I will keep it at this price as until I have to hire help, but once you're in, your price is guaranteed for the year. The plan is that before you're done you'll be make 3-5x that per month at least.
  • How do the group calls work?
    Calls will be hosted via zoom with some education followed by hot seat coaching.
  • Why do you single out cooks, coaches and creatives?
    I have first hand experience in all of the areas. My creativity comes through my writing. But just so you know. coaches are attracted to me.
  • What happens after the 12 months?
    After our 12 months together you're still fam. You will still have access to resources for the foreseeable future. If you want to continuing have access to the bi-weekly group calls that can be made available.
  • How much time will I get with you?
    It's my hearts desire that I keep that small so we can meet at least twice per month 1:1 and twice per month in the group coaching calls. I'll also try to address any and all questions presented in the forum.
  • Can I cancel or take a break?
    You are welcome to cancel or pause at anytime, but your space will not be held and you can't return until another space opens up. If you don't want to wait, you can schedule individual calls but they will not be based on the Youniversity framework.
  • Why do you cap at 10 clients?
    I like to interact and engage with my clients. If I have to many, then someone may not get the attention they deserve. I have no problem exchanging time for money. We're both worth it.
  • Why do you price the way you do?
    Because I choose to trade time for money, I have to compensate for that. My abilities are finite when it comes to how many clients I can handle without doing them harm. I don't want my clients to ever have an experience like they do at the hairstylist. You know the one that overbooks and makes you wait 1-2 hours after your appointment. You mean enough to me that I have to say no to everyone else and that's factored into my pricing.
  • Why do you make a distinction between branding and brand strategy?
    Every person with a business is doing branding, even if they suck at it. A person who has a brand strategy is being proactive about the direction and goals of the brand. This also allows the brand to prepare for any changes in economy, peak periods or market changes.
  • Why are your services offered as a DWY instead of DFY?
    Three reasons: 1) solopreneurs already have enough shit to handle on their own without worrying about if someone is going to give them something that works for them or waste their money. Doing it for them can require multiple revisions and the client can still end up dissatisfied. 2) I'm able to charge less than if I did it for them. Developing a strategic brand when you don't know what questions to ask can take years instead of months. 3) despite my knowledge and expertise as a brand strategist, you know best how you want to build out your brand. You are the expert of you. You've been building yourself up for years. If you're a part of your brand building process, you get to decide in the moment what tweaks need to be made. Why wait until after I've built a brand strategy for you only to find out 6 months down the line something is wrong.
  • Why isn't competition a part of your brand strategy framework?
    At this level of the game, you have no competition. You are one person in a world of over 7 billion people. That's the total available market. Once you're an established brand with name recognition, then you may consider others in the industry, but at the end of the day people are gonna buy from who they wanna buy from. Think about it. When your favorite brand is not available, only then will you consider an alternative.
  • Why does working with you take so long?
    I want folx leaving me knowing and understanding their brand and brand strategy. I don't want you to have to hire a marketing agency to implement a marketing strategy you don't understand. I don't want you to go through numerous graphic revisions because you don't know how to explain what you want. Most of all I don't want you to be a people pleaser brand unless you wanna be.
Whadda ya say?
Wanna be a bonafide brandbaby?

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis up to 10 max

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