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Personal Brand to Grow, Scale, & Expand; Not Get Popular

Popularity is not the same as personal branding

Personal branding has folx acting like these business streets are high school and they're one of the popular kids. There are flashy headline banners, six-figure promises, and an endless stream of new fangle "gurus." They range from being platform specific to industry specific. And instead of content marketing, feeds are flooded with useless or regurgitated bullshit. t's enough to make you wonder: should I have a personal brand?

The answer? It depends. Are you hopping on the bandwagon because "everyone's doing it"? Or are you looking to endorse your business so it grows and scales while allowing you to tape into other markets? It's a matter of if you want to play the game or change it

Stop With The Transactional Personal Branding

Like many of you, I'm down for getting leads. So I use my personal brand as a lead magnet to direct my audience to my website, an offer, or the comment section of a post. Some of you treat your personal branding strategy like a transactional endeaver. Everything is about getting folx into your DM's. The folx that are teaching you this are teaching you sales, not personal branding. It has never been substantiated that personal branding is a transactional endeavor. To treat it that way is short-sighted approach that ignores the bigger brand architecture.

Instead of chasing the popularity, embrace a personal branding as bridge builder between the audience and the offer. Consistently delivering valuable content that occasionally offers something worth buying. In return you get an audience that's receptive to following your lead. The bridge trades on two-way value that goes beyond a single drop in the DM. Now you're generating loyalty which gives you unintentional popularity that shows up as increased revenue, earned media and referrals.

Tips, tricks, and hacks might get you a temporary boost, but they won't build a sustainable brand.

Personal Brand Strategically: Growth, Scale, and Expansion

At Brandma's House, it's not about just building a personal brand; it's a focus on how you lead growth, scaling, and expansion. These aren't just buzzwords. And they're not as interchangeable or interwoven as I was once lead to believe. You can grow or scale your business. You don't have to do both. And expansion is playing in a whole other sandbox. They represent distinct stages in the role of a personal branding journey.

  • Growth: This is where your personal brand takes root and starts to gain awareness. It requires time, patience and maybe some finance to hire or implement automation. With time you get loyalty and they're tripping over your low offer. Leverage that loyalty by endorsing the business brand and a higher priced offer. And that's how the company grows.

  • Scale: This is where you start to increase your audience without incurring additional cost. You endorse the business by providing updates on streamlining processes, optimizing systems, and looking for ways to amplify the impact of your offer. This demonstrates your loyalty to your audience by letting them see you're on top of your game.

  • Expansion: This is where you break the rules and become an industry disruptor. You're no longer just playing the existing game, you redefine the rules. Again leveraging the loyalty of your established personal brand and specific interest, you can tap into new markets, push boundaries of your initial making, and create powerful impact beyond your previous reach.

Start Thinking Beyond "Leads"

Many business owners dream of exponential growth without ever experiencing basic growth first. They chase scaling but end up adding to their workload instead of creating efficiencies. But the worst part? Flawed growth and scaling strategies can sabotage your chances of ever reaching the expansion stage

As a business owner who dreams of big time growth, you can't skip the crucial shit. You need a foundatin of basic, sustainable expansion. You can chase the illusion of scaling all you want, but you'll end up drowning in a stifling workload that makes you hate what you do. But the most damning repercusssion? A flawed growth and/or scaling strategy that can permanently cripple your chances of ever reaching the game-changing disruptive stage.

Personal Branding for the Rebellion

The original concept of personal branding is rooted in climbing the corporate ladder. That's employee shit. And If you're content with being self-employed instead of entrepreneurial and operating within the confines of an established system, then by all means, do yo thang.


In Brandma's House, the main rule is to nurture respectfully rebellious brandbabies who are self-aware entrepreneurs. Those who are willing to take calculated risks and challenge the status quo. Establishing personal brands that lead change in the business world can lessen the wealth gap, limit toxic work enviroments, and be the change of pay equity.

If you're ready to break the mold of transactional personal branding that chases popularity, join the fam where you can be nurtured from brandbaby to Brand Leader.


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