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At her core Phyllis Williams-Strawder is a writer, but she didn't realize it until adulthood. She thought you had to be published to be considered an author. That's what ignorance will do to you. While she's adamant about separating her personal life from her personal brand, she is very transparent in when and how she shares.

Balance Is Bullshit by Phyllis Williams-Strawder, aka The Ghetto Country Brandmother.png

Balance Is Bullshit

A Solopreneurs guide to making f*cking decisions that matter

This book acknowledges the life balance bullshit and punches it in the face. Instead of chasing balance, just make a fucking decision and move on. You will learn from it or lead with it. Read the editorial review in full.

Godly Entrepreneur Strategic Marketing Planner

A 3-Month Marketing & Audit Planner

For Authentic Business Growth

What is a strategic brand without a strategic marketing plan to activate it? Marketing strategy can seem like a big scary beast. I promise you can tame it.

Godly Entrepreneur StrategicPlanner by Phyllis Williams Strawder of Brandma's House.png
TDGS Triple Mockup.png

That Damn Girl Stuff

A Mother's Truth

What does it mean to be a transparent parent? It's about being that parent that owns your baggage while not inflicting it on your child. It's openly sharing your truth in the most vulnerable way while trying not to do harm.

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