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Wait! Branding Is More Than Know, Like And Trust

A photo of a woman . She hangs off a ledge , yelling and reaching out for help .

People know, like and trust because they draw similarities and make an emotional connection. If you leave them hang'n, then kiss that brand loyalty goodbye. If you're after the KLT of your audience then your brand should portray confidence, character and consistency. It comes with having a brand strategy that converts.

So here’s the question? Do you really give a flying fig, outside of money, if folx know, like and trust your brand? For those of you in denial, yeah you do. The caveat is that it has to be the right folks. Influencers and the like have turned KLT into a personal thing when it should be about business. To know, like and trust has to extend beyond you to include you brand and all those associated with it.

So if you stick to business with KLT what does that look like? It comes from the brand identity. Not the visual magic of graphic designers, but the core of what makes the brand what it is - beliefs, commitment, vision and philosophy.

Folx who patronize business that operate outside their identity do so because the price is right. The don't know the brand or really trust it. They just like the price. Why do you think friends and family are the first to ask for a discount? They know and like you but they don't really trust that you're worth the asking price. Those that truly trust you aren't enough to sustain your business. Being lost on this merry-go-round of crazy has you spinning out of control.

What does it truly mean to like a brand?

We're all varying degrees of selfish. So when when your ATM (available target market) is check'n for you, it's from a selfish place. They like that you make them feel some kinda way about themself. It’s their inner Janet Jackson of what have you done for me lately and it moves them to like you. As long as you keep doing something for them, they more they’ll like spending money with you. Here’s the wake up call though. If they only like you for the price, they will kick your ass to the curb for a better price.

My husband is like that. He's the grocery shopper in the house (ya me). However, he is not a coupon shopper, but dude is always on the hunt for a deal in the grocery store. He feels good about himself because he saved some change. We've been together over 20 years and I still have to listen to him gush about his grocery trip. It makes him feel like the grocery store hero. He is pro anti-brand because he just doesn't give a shit.

The challenge of getting someone like my husband to like your brand is wasted time and effort. This is why you don't brand of everyone to like you. Just as you want a loyal ATM, in return they want loyalty from the brand so they can keep liking themselves. This level of loyalty from the brand deepens the emotion that makes them trust you.

What your ATM want in return as they get to know, like and trust your brand is that it be consistent, have confidence and strong character traits. To do that remember these three things.

  • Don't be trendy

  • Don't be scared

  • Don't be a punk

Don't try to be trendy

Being part of a trend can be a good thing if you already have a consistent brand to ride it out. If you don't your brand will spin out of control and lose the know, like and trust you built with your ATM. In my days as a restaurant owner we got caught up in trends a few times and it damn near killed our business.

Having a consistent brand means you maintain control of the narrative. Trends by definition take that away from you and can cause you to lose that consistent flavor you've built up over the years. This is how you're known.

Don't give in to the fear

Everyone knows confidence is sexy. To be consistent in your branding is to be confident in what your brand is promising. You're also positioning your brand to stand out from the okie doke of the industry. Stand out a little further and you become an industry leader. Having the confidence to lead will help you grow and scale.

As the brand leader your level of confidence flows into every part of the business brand. You can't be timid in your approach of what it is your have to offer. The confidence makes you more than a business owner. This is why they like you.

Don't punk out

To be a brand of character, you can't punk out on your promise. And don't think you can brand without one. A brand promise comes across in your messaging. If your ATM hears it often enough they begin to engage with you. In their mind they begin to separate you from other blands. Yes, I meant to say blands.

A brand with a promise is a brand with meaning. It's why you do what you do beyond money. It's why you give them the best that says more than you offer great customer service. This is why they trust you.

Getting to the emotions of know, like and trust is about getting to the heart of your brand. It not about give the customer what they want. It's about giving them the best that you have. That requires you to step up as the brand leader, not the brand.

Show your ATM what they mean to you by being a consistent, confident brand of character if you want the know, like and trust factor of brand loyalty. Like my momma used to say, “I can show you better than I can tell you.”

If don't have a brand strategy or you're not sure you're about your know, like and trust factor, book a Brand Ego® Check to get the insights you need to brand better.


Ghetto Country Brandmother®

Certified Brand Strategist, Business & Life

Coach with a degree in Business. She is also a former bbq restaurant owner & certified bbq judge.

She is making it her personal mission to show entrevivalist™ how to connect the dots of their

life, brand & business one brandybaby® at a time.


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