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Watch as a personal brand is rebuilt from $0

The strategy is to grow, scale and expand the Bigmista brand once again starting with the personal brand.

Be a fly on the wall as Neil P. Strawder, my husband and former business partner, reclaims the name.

Before ending our partnership, we built a multi-million dollar brand. We also left millions on the table.

Being a BTS Brandbaby™ is for folx who want to start or be smart about their shit

No one ever showed you how to connect the dots strategically, especially for a personal brand. There's...

  • Brand

  • Marketing

  • Funnel

  • Content

  • Offers

  • The list goes on


What if someone gave you a birds-eye view of their process? What if you knew how to activate and lead a brand instead of be a brand?

What if there was no talk of niching, people-pleasing or collecting data?

That's what going behind the scenes is all about.

It's like getting a $20,000 business education for only $50/mo with a no hassle to cancel policy

BTS Brandbaby™ Hookup

Real Progress In Real Time

Real-Time Learning

Live sessions allow you to learn in real-time, gaining insights into the processes, strategies, and decision-making involved personal branding. See how theoretical concepts are applied in practical scenarios.

Genuine Experience

An in-person look at the process and insights of a consultant-client relationship, offering a transparent and engaging experience that pre-recorded courses or curated content can't match.

Practical Application

Seeing how strategies are implemented and tailored for a specific client can help you understand how you can adapt similar approaches to your own business. Live case study makes it more relatable.

If you're still lost in the sauce of personal branding, you're not by yourself... or are you? The struggle to stand ten toes down in the quicksand of sameness makes you feel unoriginal and overexposed. Like a bad version of...

It's not you. It's me. And I hate that it's me.

Who in the world am I_ Ah, that’s the gr

The algorithm gods and personal branding gurus gotchu caught up some kinda way so you feel like you have to operate like a content creator on crack or a simpleton stuck on stupid. 

Someone walk'n you through the process could fix that.

Image by Simran Sood

Well, Brandma is giving you the chance to be a
behind-the-scenes brandbaby™

That means you get to watch Brandma work as she does a rebrand that repurposes her husband's old personal brand of Bigmista from their restaurant days.

Neil's Bigmista personal brand has been dormant since 2018. In the meantime he has been trying to rebrand as the Hospitable Vox because he became a VoiceOver artist.

It's not working y'all.

Recently he admitted he wanted to go back to the Bigmista personal brand but he doesn't want to be pigeonholed by barbecue for which he's known.

Brandma has accepted the challenge.

And all for the price of Brandma's old Starbucks habit of $50/mo

Image by hessam nabavi
What is it about personal branding that's got you
seriously fucked up?

Is it the be authentic bullshit? Is it fear of saying what others say? Is it trying to decide between a personal brand and a business brand?


What if you could get the answer to all those questions with a behind the scenes experience? What if you had access to the actual action plans that make it happen? What if Brandma let you in the backdoor?

I can imagine what you're think'n

"Bitch, please! This is just another okie doke."
I can only tell you it's not and hope you believe me.

I can understand why some folx would think it's too good to be true. My prices are on my home page.

The truth is I would give this away if I could, but you wouldn't respect me if I did.

The $50/mo fee is a sign of respect.

That's the price of a pedicure where I live.

So how is being a BTS Brandbaby™
going to help you with personal branding


Real World Insights

You have access to the actual strategies and tactics used in rebranding and repurposing Bigmista, providing you with real-world examples and actionable steps that you can apply to your own personal branding efforts.


Practical Tools

Receive downloads of case study action plans and a free marketing planner PDF, providing you with practical tools and resources to guide you through your personal branding process.


Interactive Learning

Participate in live bi-weekly sessions and engage with a community of founders who may have the same challenges, share experiences, and get feedback to enhance your personal branding journey.


Community Support

Join a community of like-minded founders who are also navigating their personal branding journeys. Network, collaborate, and share experiences to accelerate your growth and gain valuable perspectives.

Yes, I charge over $20k for what I'm about to do for Bigmista
Yes, I'm letting you BTS for $50/mo

This is an opportunity for live education, not an online course.
No sending you off to join Circle or a Facebook Group.
No replays so you have to be BTS or connected to fam.
Brandma at the computer
Here's what you can expect when you become a BTS Brandbaby™
  • Exclusive Insights

  • Live Bi-weekly Sessions

  • Actionable Case Studies

  • Free Marketing Planner PDF

  • Private Forum

  • Hassle-Free Cancellation

I'm to old for bullshit and I'm not a toy so I don't play. As a brandmother I want what's best for my brandbabies so you can act out in public (in a good way).

Get your questions answered and expert advice during the call or in the forum. There are no stoopid questions in this house.

Use the community space to network, share experiences, and build lasting relationships with other founders who “get it.”

It's only $50/mo and you are not a hostage.
Leave when you please.

For less than the price of my old Starbucks habit, a pedicure, or a good sushi date, you get a masterclass on how to be strategic about your shit. If you go out and practice on somebody else, that ain't none of my business.

But it's limited space y'all

Find out how your personal brand can say, I seriously don't give a fuck?

You're tired of the "their game, their rules" for your business. You don't mind play'n the game but their rules don't apply. If you weren't ready for a change you wouldn't have read this far. The game of business is happening despite the rules. So why not give 'em something to talk about

$50/mo with a no hassle cancel policy

  • Can I get the replay if I miss the live session?
    The calls won't be recorded for replay access but you can always post a question in the forum or ask someone to take notes for you.
  • Can I use AI tools like Otter or
    AI tools will not be allowed into the live sessions.
  • Can I ask questions about my own brand?
    You can ask any and all questions related to the Bigmista brand but coaching on your specific brand is outside the scope of this experience.
  • I don't have a business yet, should I join?
    Should you, I don't know but if you do, it will put you ahead of the game. Building a personal brand before starting a business is a great start to establish the foundation of your brand architecture.
  • Can I get a refund?
    There are no refunds but you can cancel anytime without any hassle or counter offer to stay.
  • I've been in business for years, should I join?
    The fact that your asking is an automatic yes. You know something's not right because you're stagnant, stuck, or never even worked on your brand, personal or business, before. Now you feel like you can't catch up and your business is slowly dying.
  • Why did you mention repurposing a personal brand?
    In our previous business my husband was known as Bigmista and we named our business after him. When we closed the business, he wanted to separate himself from it because it was mostly associated with bbq. Now he wants to reclaim it but not under the weight of being a bbq man so hence the repurpose.
  • What time are the live calls?
    Calls will be on Sunday 1pm PST 3pm CST 4pm EST
  • As a business owner I already have enough to do. How am I supposed to find the time for this?
    I can only answer this question by saying, I spent a lot of time being busy and broke. I did things that made my workday seem full but it wasn't bringing in clients. If you can identify some of the busy task in your day that don't affect your bottom line, you could re-allocate that time.
  • Why doesn't this have an end date?
    Creating, writing and scripting for various forms of content may never be your thing. Having someone on tap who's been a part of building the personal and business brand saves you from hiring a content creator who knows nothing about inbound marketing.
  • Why do you target cooks, consultants, and creatives?
    I know who I'm best suited to nurture. It doesn't mean I don't have clients outside those industries. It just means I'm not targeting them.
  • What kind of results can I expect from two live sessions?
    During the 1:1 sessions you can expect consulting and coaching so you can spend the time in between the sessions activating and applying. You can expect to see improved engagement results and eventually increased revenue results.
  • Why do you price the way you do?
    Because I choose to trade time for money, I have to compensate for that. My abilities are finite when it comes to how many clients I can handle without doing them harm. I don't want my clients to ever have an experience like they do at the hairstylist. You know the one that overbooks and makes you wait 1-2 hours after your appointment. You mean enough to me that I have to say no to everyone else and that's factored into my pricing.
  • Why do you make a distinction between branding and brand strategy?
    Every person with a business is doing branding, even if they suck at it. A person who has a brand strategy is being proactive about the direction and goals of the brand. This also allows the brand to prepare for any changes in economy, peak periods or market changes.
  • Why are your services offered as a DWY instead of DFY?
    Three reasons: 1) solopreneurs already have enough shit to handle on their own without worrying about if someone is going to give them something that works for them or waste their money. Doing it for them can require multiple revisions and the client can still end up dissatisfied. 2) I'm able to charge less than if I did it for them. Developing a strategic brand when you don't know what questions to ask can take years instead of months. 3) despite my knowledge and expertise as a brand strategist, you know best how you want to build out your brand. You are the expert of you. You've been building yourself up for years. If you're a part of your brand building process, you get to decide in the moment what tweaks need to be made. Why wait until after I've built a brand strategy for you only to find out 6 months down the line something is wrong.
  • Why don't you offer a guarantee?
    A guarantee is implied by the fact that you can stop at any time if you're not satisfied. The contract we make is based on respect and honoring your word. If we can't trust each other at our word then walking away is easier than suing.
  • Why isn't competition a part of your brand strategy framework?
    At this level of the game, you have no competition. You are one person in a world of over 7 billion people. That's the total available market. Once you're an established brand with name recognition, then you may consider others in the industry, but at the end of the day people are gonna buy from who they wanna buy from. Think about it. When your favorite brand is not available, only then will you consider an alternative.
  • Why does working with you take so long?
    I want folx leaving me knowing and understanding their brand and brand strategy. I don't want you to have to hire a marketing agency to implement a marketing strategy you don't understand. I don't want you to go through numerous graphic revisions because you don't know how to explain what you want. Most of all I don't want you to be a people pleaser brand unless you wanna be.
  • I already have a lot on my plate. Should I join now, or later?
    I would have to say that's a personal choice, but if you don't have the time to put into it, you won't get what you want out of it. Also note that I limit the capacity because I like to give everyone my personal attention when it's their time. I can't do that if I have 20-30 people running around my calendar.
  • Why do you target cooks, consultants, and creatives?
    I have first hand experience in all of the areas. In my former life I built a multi-million dollar business that included two restaurants and a catering company. I'm a certified coach turn consultant and I know the difference. I've authored several books across different genres because I'm a wordsmith.
  • Why does this take 9-12 months?
    Establishing a brand does not happen over night. As you build a scalable personal brand you will continue to have questions and doubts. Without continued coaching/consulting and accountability you're more likely to give up.
  • What kind of results can I expect from two live sessions?
    During the 1:1 sessions you can expect consulting and coaching so you can spend the time in between the sessions activating and applying. You can expect to see improved engagement results and eventually increased revenue results.
  • Why don't you offer a guarantee?
    A guarantee is implied by the fact that you can stop at any time if you're not satisfied. The contract we make is based on respect and honoring your word. If we can't trust each other at our word then walking away is easier than suing.
  • Why do you cap at 10 long-term clients?
    I like to interact, engage, and be available for my clients on a deeper level. If I have to many at one time, then someone will get neglected and I don't want that.

Live sessions with a personal branding expert
Case study action plans as they're created
BTS updates about the progress
Leave when you please

Save yourself some time, stress, & at least $20,000

Limited Space Y'all

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