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C.OD.E. - C.A.M.P. - P.L.A.Y.

Being iconic requires you standing ten toes down for whatever is true to you. You don't need permission or approval, just the courage to stand.

Ghetto Country Brandmother smoking a cigar on the porch
Personal Brand & Slay

Whether you like it or not, if you're gonna succeed, you have to be famous for something, even if only to a select few.

I'm not talking fleeting fame that dies with you. I'm talking iconic fame that outlives you.

Having a personal brand that slays like an icon is how you gain that level of fame. You have to give 'em something to talk about besides bullshit.

How do you become iconic as a brand leader...
Lena Horne

Brand Identity

Have the courage to own what is youniquely yours based on a C.O.D.E. that let folx know where your brand stands.

Iconic Lena Horne

Eartha Kitt

Brand Ego

Have the freedom to give zero fucks and mean it, which is rooted in how you set up C.A.M.P. for the brand.

Iconic Eartha Kitt

Nina Simone

Brand Image

Have the audacity to look and speak your branded truth because you P.L.A.Y. the game on your terms.

Iconic Nina Simone

Being a brand limits the possibilities

Many entrepreneurs burn out or give up because they try to keep up with corporate structure of branding...

Purpose - Vision - Mission - Bullshit

Unsplash photo in Brandma's House

You may be stuck at a stage in the game where shit still hits personally. A place where lines between you and the brand are blurred.

Unsplash photo

Being a brand can easily be a six figure business. Building a brand can become at least a seven figure lifestyle. Giving zero fucks about following the rules can be the difference between settling for five zeroes when you could do six and beyond in revenue. 

man in white dress shirt and brown hat holding clear drinking glass

Let go of the corporate notion of people pleasing.
We live in an era of attention and attraction.
Learn to use it.


Meet the
Ghetto Country Brandmother®

Founder & Head Brandma In Charge

I'm here for the overwhelmed, burned out, plain ol fucking tired brandbabies who wanna stop working so hard to make their money.


I here to nurture shiny object chasers who have a bunch of great ideas but don't know how to fit them into their life, brand, or business.

I'm here for the long game of making sure you do what you want, charge what you want, so you can live how you want.

Basically, I'm here for you

If you don't know branding and marketing, done for you brand strategy will leave you with more questions than answers. It also adds another thing you have to figure out on your own. Don't take on that kinda pressure.

Image by Jakayla Toney

Making your personal brand a part of the overall brand architecture will make a big difference in your scalability. It's sets the tone and stage for every sub-brand that comes after.

Image by Venti Views

PB&Slay is a long game, not a quick fix. It is the ultimate in a parent brand experience. It's a strategic style of branding that maximizes business potential without sacrificing personal endeavors.

It's important to us to support creators
Brandma smoking a cigar at Bo's Cigar Lounge
If you're ready to change the game...

Let's do this!

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