We love on business survivors who are brand challenged with doubt, second guesses & bullshit.

It's time to brand by example!

Meet the Ghetto Country Brandmother®

Certified Brand Strategist, Business Coach & Life Coach

Brandma's House is an agency for folx who can handle candor, caring and crazy. We thrive on supporting entrevivors™ who want to brand like no body's looking. That's a brandbaby® who's mature enough to handle tough love, unafraid to put in work and decisive enough to get shit done.

Brandma's House is for those weary brandbabies who are tired of chasing their unbranded tails in a circle. We love on entrevivalist™ who have questionable branding practices. It's all in the brand ego® baby.


Brandma's Way Of Doing Things

Welcome to Brandma's House. Now before you get comfortable let's set the record straight. This is not your run of the mill branding agency. They do branding for you. We do branding with you, so:

  • In this house, we see you developing Brand Ego® and changing the game.

  • In this house, we believe you don't have to code-switching and people please.

  • In this house, we commit to helping you brand authentically for you & your brand.

  • In this house, we embrace your authenticity, knowledge and fresh brand perspective.

Got questions, let's talk! Oh, and I say the word shit a lot and I say a lotta shit.

How We (you & me) Get It Done


Brandfidence Building


Branditude Check


Branditude Time Out

Unlike other branding agencies, Brandma's House considers the life, brand and business of the entrevivalist™.

The brand strategy assistance provided is a done with you service. It's an immersive process from day one. It is a way to increases brandfidence™ and the ability to grow and scale with the right people.

The brand audits go a step above by looking at Brand Ego® to make sure the entrevivalist™ personal and business brand are confident, competent, composed and consistent.



The way an entrepreneur believes, trust or relies on their brand that is reflected in their behavior.



An entrepreneur who goes through hardships and challenges to survive with aspirations to thrive.



The way an entrepreneur thinks or feels about branding that is reflected in their behavior.


To have a brand you can live with, you have to be bold enough to take it.

How bold are you?

"This is what I wanted from all those brand courses, challenges, workshops, and programs I took in the past. An authentic brand...that flows off your tongue like it flowed from my life and heart."

- Ebony L. Green, The Ratchet Sage

"Her uniquely straightforward style of coaching helps me to continually develop complete thought processes that allow me to push the boundaries on doing what works best for my brand development."

- Traci Anderson

"Unlike online courses that can leave you twisting in the wind, The Ghetto Country Brandmother® brilliantly moves each client from bootcamp and one-one-ones, to community, and tiered ongoing development."

- Shawna Weir-Wright, Growing Big Ideas

Get Shit Done With GCB