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is better than any business card

What if you could nail your elevator pitch in 2-words? What is those 2-words were your Personal Brand? Personal branding is more impactful. It is more relatable. A 2-word brand can be the cornerstone of great brand architecture when you're a business of one. A 2-word brand can hook a listener so you can engage in a conversation that endorses your business brand.




Do You Carry Branded Business Cards 

Does your business card have your picture so folx remember what you look like?

How often have you whipped out a business card or QR code with a CTA of

keep in touch or give me a call?

If your personal brand was doing it's job it would be the best calling card ever.

Ebony L_edited.jpg

The Ratchet Sage™

But you can call her Ebony L. Green. She is the founder of Authentic Distinction and she wants you to Bring Your A.S.S.™ wherever you go. Guiding you on developing and leveraging an Actionable Safe Spaces™ is what she's known for so you not out in these streets ashy.

Clients Who Are 2-word Branded

The Hospitable VOX™

Yes, Neil P. Strawder use do be known as Bigmista, but he gave it up to become the HOSPITABLE VOX. As a former restaurant owner and spokesperson, he adds auditory flavor to voice overs and audio branding in the hospitality industry.


Stop feeling invisible, forgettable and overlooked because

no one can remember your name.

Stop struggling to communicate who you are and what you do with an elevator pitch that gives you imposter syndrome vibes.

Get intentional about your personal brand so you show up, show off, and show out because you use a two word brand.


The Ethical Strategist™

Cas Johnson is a fan of internal communities receiving equitable and ethical treatment. She is the founder of CAS Ltd and she's here to check your policies and procedures. Having them not only keeps your house in order but makes sure you're good to your people.

The Brand Misfit™

Charlene V. Brown is here for struggle sites that don't convert. She is the founder of Bklyn Custom Designs. She uses her web developer powers on DIY misfits who work hard to create their own website. Working withe her turns their struggle into a Digital Marketing Powerhouses. 

ghetto country brandmother smoking a cigar at Bo's Cigar in Bellflower

Meet the
Ghetto Country Brandmother

Founder & Head Brandma In Charge

I'm here for the brandbabies who are tired of being dissed and dismissed because they're a business of one. I take my time nurturing shiny object chasers until they're ready to stand on their own brand feet

The bottom line is, I give you what you need to connect the dots of your life, brand, and business. Branding is my get down. I learn it, live it, and love it. 

Time to get a 2-word brand that memorable & scalable

Tired of trying to get folx to remember your name long after you left the room?

Knowing you need to be remembered and making it happen is two different things.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is just beg'n for hurt feelings and anxiety.

And yet... all the big name solopreneurs are telling you to be your brand.

Afraid you're gonna have to rebrand when you scale?

Using your name as your personal and business brand can hinder or slow your scalability because it's obscured by folx who already dominate the scene. That should stop you though.

You have to to stop working so hard by getting the focus off you and get it on your business. If you don't, it's a set up for you to work in your business longer than you work on your business to grow it.

I'm down for being Tonto to your Lone Ranger

We'll work one-on-one to uncover your unique personality traits that can establish a scalable brand architecture and attract the right audience. I'll craft a compelling two-word brand that resonates with who you are and what you do.

Once we're done you'll leave with a two-word brand that:

  • Hooks itself into the mind of those who engage with you.

  • Positions you in alignment with your niche and/or audience

  • Makes you top of mind when they need your services

It's time to stop blending in and start standing out!


Book your 2-word brand session today and start attracting the clients you deserve.

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