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is better than wasting time

Taking time to brand strategically saves you time and lost revenue. The Branded Time is is a comprehensive way to level up your brand game. It is loaded with what you need to develop a game plan that includes a core message, target market, and a personal brand that endorses your business brand.





Did you start your business without a brand

Does your brand showcase the brilliance or the bullshit of what you offer?

How often have you sent mixed messages? How long is your product or service list?

And let me tell you, if you're still pitching your business instead of endorsing,

you're doing to much.


Brand Identity

This is the DNA C.O.D.E. of your personal and business brand. This establishes the secondary portion of your core message. It is actionable and feeds your content marketing efforts.

  • Contemplation

  • Objectives

  • Dedication

  • Ethics

Brand Like A Solopreneur

Brand Ego™

This is how your personal and business brand set up C.A.M.P. It establishes the primary portion of your core message. Developing this part of the brand gives credence to the Brand Identity

  • Communication

  • Audience

  • Marketing

  • Positioning

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Brand Image

The final piece of the puzzle is how you P.L.A.Y. the game. The image you want to project is based on the image you have and the identity that established it. If this is out of alignment, the rest is meaningless.

  • Personality

  • Language

  • Archetype

  • Yarn

In this part of the house it's about creating more brand awareness and brand equity for maximum impact when you scale.

You get personalized guidance, valuable resources in a streamlined process to attract better clients and increase revenue.

You get real world solutions that can get you real world results.

ghetto country brandmother smoking a cigar at Bo's Cigar in Bellflower

Meet the
Ghetto Country Brandmother

Founder & Head Brandma In Charge

I'm here for the brandbabies who are tired of being dissed and dismissed because they're a business of one. I take my time nurturing shiny object chasers until they're ready to stand on their own brand feet

The bottom line is, I give you what you need to connect the dots of your life, brand, and business. Branding is my get down. I learn it, live it, and love it. 

We'll work to separate your who from your do. That means we'll know what's part of the personal brand and what's the business brand. We'll tap into your unique personality traits that separates you from the masses.

Once we're done you'll leave with a strategic brand that has:

  • a Brand Identity that confident

  • a Brand Ego that flex'

  • a Brand Image that attracts


It's time to stop blending in and start standing out!


Book a brandittude chat with GCB so you can build the brand you deserve.

if you wanna get into the weeds of it keep reading

Branded YOUniversity - Accelerated Version

Brandma's Time Out is a virtual 13-week project facilitated for you to formulate your brand strategy so you become an impactful brand leader with increased prices and confidence. It's called brand equity for a reason.

It's all about

  • Strategic branding with a core message

  • Brand positioning that makes you confident

  • Separating your personal and business brand

  • Creating a brand that doesn't require you to code switch

If you're ready to dig in and do the damn thing, I'm ready to share the good, bad, and ugly of how I built a multi-million dollar brand and how you can do it better and faster. 

Just like any mom, I want you to live your best life without regrets. And if you're like my other brandbabies, that means you want to do things your way. It's all about the self-discovery and connecting the dots of your life, brand, and business.


She's helped me birth a strong personal brand that is true to who I am and what I'm doing in the world. I am a deep digger and creative and I can tell you that there is no way in the world I would have come up with what I have now all by myself without GCB.

Nanaama Raine, The Ahooto Whisperer

Finally, someone willing to walk the walk with you

Fam Time Out​

  • 13-weeks of live brand accelerated coaching

  • Three private 30-minute 1:1 sessions

  • Homework with workbooks

  • Live homework breakdown & guidance

  • Unpack your available target market (atm)

  • Unpack your ideal client

  • 3-months in the OG Brandbaby squad

    • Qtrly SWOT Analysis follow up
    • Qtrly 1-page marketing follow up

    • Access to additional resources

    • Free access to beta offers

    • and more

  • Brand guide template

  • Video Replays

  • And more

If you ret ta go, register

Let's talk if you need a payment plan

Got questions? Click here to schedule a chat with the Ghetto Country Brandmother® or email her at

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