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Brandma's Keys

Parts of our Brand Ego®​ method has a way of showing up in everything we offer.

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At Brandma's House it's about getting the right branditude and stepping up to Brand Leadership. A constant thing heard among entrepreneurs is imposter syndrome. We challenge that self-diagnoses and address the fear of entrepreneurship

In this house you put in work on your personal AND business brand. You learn, leverage or lead your brand to gain an understanding of brand strategy and to become the brandbaby® you are meant to be.

Leverage - Launch - Learn - Liberate

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Branditude Check

You can get an audit or you can get a branditude check. A Brattitude Check looks at your life, brand and business for better brand leverage. It's about knowing what you have and making it better.

It's not gonna do you any good to sit around frustrated and struggling with a brand that ain't working. Get a branditude check to gain insights and actionable steps to stop leaving money on the table.

A brattitude check includes

  • Analyzing the brand identity

  • Analyzing the brand ego®

  • Analyzing the brand image

  • Insights on brand slack and lack

  • Actions you can take

Branditude Time Out

Your branditude has earned you a self-imposed Time Out. It's not a punishment. It's 13-weeks of going deep to create a brand and brand strategy you can live with.


During the Time Out you will work on:​

  • Brand Identity so you show up boldly

  • Brand Ego® so you show up bravely

  • Brand Image so you show up as your best self

This is about building a brand that doesn't require you to code-switch in your life, brand and business. It releases you from the stress, anxiety, piss-tivity and other challenges of branding.

Take the time out you need so you can have a brand you can live with, not one you were told to live with.

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Branditude Lesson

A Branditude Lesson is where you learn the basics of brand strategy. There is an order to how a brand should be built and then activated.


This is a 3-hr webinar that provides a blue print of what goes where and why when branding.

You will learm:

  • How the foundation fits into the brand

  • What it takes to get in where you fit in

  • Why you need to embrace your fame

  • How to use archetypes

  • Where to brand a  new language

  • What is core messaging and how to use it

After this lesson you should be able to identify what you skipped in your brand building.

Branditude Etiquette

Branditude Etiquette is knowing how to act in public. Hitting stranger with the full monty of your pitch is a turn off. If thirsty were still a thing, this would be it. 


Liberate your personal brand in this 6-hr workshop. Learn ways to read and lead the conversation so you know when to stay or walk away. You will also...

  • Understand the difference & benefits of personal and business branding

  • Develop a two-word brand that makes you memorable

  • Develop brand hooks and USP's for personal and business

  • Learn to use the right hook for the right crowd at the right time; & much more

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