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Solopreneur Scaling System

The classics always stand the test of time. That's because they rebel against conformity and being basic.

It's not about being a brand. It's about being irreplaceable.

Lena Horne

Brand Identity

The boldness to own what is youniquely yours based on a C.O.D.E that let folx know where your brand stands.

Photo of Lena Horne

Eartha Kitt

Brand Ego

The freedom to not give a fuck and mean it, which is rooted in how you set up C.A.M.P. for the brand.

Photo of Eartha Kitt

Nina Simone

Brand Image

The audacity to look and speak your branded truth because you know how to P.L.A.Y the hand you were dealt.

Photo of Nina Simone

To be a brand is to limit the possibilities

Many solopreneurs burn out because they try to keep up with the corporate structure of branding.

Purpose - Vision - Mission


Image by D A V I D S O N L U N A
Image by Roma Kaiuk🇺🇦

You're at a stage of the game where shit still hits personal and lines between you and the brand are blurred.

Building a brand instead of being a brand can be the difference between five zeros and six zeros in revenue.

Brand Like A Solopreneur

It's time to let go of the corporate notion of people pleasing. We live in a time of attention and attraction. Learn to use it.

Ghetto Country Brandmother in a cigar lounge.jpg

Meet Your New

Work 1:1 with an empathic bitch that will turn your shiny object syndrome into a scalable brand. Phyllis Williams-Strawder is the Ghetto Country Brandmother®


Working with her you get a...

  • certified brand strategist;

  • certified business & life coach; and

  • certified marketing psychology specialist.


Add on bi-monthly Open Houses and a private Facebook group for some extra love.

Get Your Brand In The Game

Are you ready to attract better clients, increase brand awareness, and price like a brand and not a business? You want the HBIC of Brandma's House, the Ghetto Country Brandmother in your corner while you do it? Then get ready for a Time Out, a 13-week program developed for solopreneurs who want to grow and scale beyond a business one.

Ghetto Country Brandmother of Brandma's House in BW smoking a cigar

I work with you, not for you

Done for you brand strategy means you have to wait for me to come up with something brilliant. You then have to go off on your own to figure out how to make that shit work. If you have problems then you have to pay more money to figure it out. 

Instead, me and you get shit done together. I'm with you through the process of growth.

Separate your who from your do

If as a business of one you should have a personal brand and a business brand. You should not be a brand. Being a brand is too much weight to carry if you plan to scale.

Implementing brand architecture that includes your personal brand creates faster growth. Then as you scale you grow apart.

I don't promise you 6-figures

But I work fucking hard to get you there. Your growth is based on your gifts and how you use the framework I provide.


Being a business of one means you can only be stretched so far. It also means you have to be strategic about how you add to your brand architecture. One too many is not for everyone.

Who I do this for

I'm here for the shiny object chasers who cook, coach, and create because I owned two restaurants before becoming a business coach and I've published a few books along the way.


I know what it's like to have a bunch of great ideas make no money. I know how it feels to invest in something with no ROI.

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