Ghetto Country Brandmother and Bo's Cigar in Bellflower

Get the brand awareness you want
without losing the person you are

We show self-aware solopreneurs how to brand as confidently as they live

Greater Brand Awareness

Greater Brand Equity

Greater Brand Loyalty

if you wanna stop being a party of one
Brand like a solopreneur
because it's your quickest way to grow & scale

Talking with your brand full means...

You're making one brand do the work of two (personal & professional)

This causes you to set unintentional limitations.

  • You limit your memorability

  • You limit your likability

  • You limit your scalability

Ways to unpack your brand
Like any good mother, we won't do it for you, but we will do it with you.

Branded Youniversity

9-12 Months to

Build - Activate - Implement


Branded Time Out

13 Weeks to

Build & Activate


Brand Ego® Check

3 Weeks to

Connect The Dots


Brand Eloquence

3 Days to

Intro & Endorse


Welcome to Brandma's House

Home of a coffee love'n, bourbon drink'n, cigar lover

In Brandma's House, it's all about raising brandbabies that are strong, confident, and respectfully rebellious using a branding method that develops brand ego®. We take a done with you approach because you already have enough to do by yourself.

Brandma's House caters to folx who are self-aware. They are not afraid of a challenge. They're also tired of being confused about how to show up as themselves without going overboard.


In Brandma's House you develop Brand Ego® so you can take your rightful place as a brand and thought leader. Your leadership will attract the right folx without you having to code-switch.

Ghetto Country Brandmother Drinking Coffee
Ghetto Country Brandmother Drinking Coffee

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Ghetto Country Brandmother with a cigar
Ghetto Country Brandmother with a cigar

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Ghetto Country Brandmother Drinking Coffee
Ghetto Country Brandmother Drinking Coffee

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Side Effects To Talking With Your Brand Full

You micromanage your brand​
You make it one sided
You think small

Ghetto Country Brandmother® Unpacking
She's the business mother you didn't know you wanted

Brandma's Closet

Brandma's Closet is full of tee's for her brandbabies that want to say it on a shirt

Brandma's Library

Brandma's Library is full of blog post that either help or make you think

Brandma's Tea Room

Brandma's Tea Room is full of podcast of her her ranting about the plight of solopreneurs

"This is what I wanted from all those brand courses, challenges, workshops, and programs I took in the past. An authentic brand...that flows off your tongue like it flowed from my life and heart."

- Ebony L. Green, The Ratchet Sage

"Her uniquely straightforward style of coaching helps me to continually develop complete thought processes that allow me to push the boundaries on doing what works best for my brand development."

- Traci Anderson

"Unlike online courses that can leave you twisting in the wind, The Ghetto Country Brandmother® brilliantly moves each client from bootcamp and one-one-ones, to community, and tiered ongoing development."

- Shawna Weir-Wright, Growing Big Ideas

Meet the
Ghetto Country Brandmother

Founder & HBIC

I'm here for the brandbabies who are tired of being a one man show. I developed a brand ego process that includes personal and business branding to scale solopreneurs. Brand Ego® is a battled tested framework that adds personal branding to the brand architecture so your ATM (available target market) knows who and what they're work'n with.

The bottom line is, I give you what you need to connect the dots of your life, brand, and business. Branding is my get down. I learn it, live it, and love it. I can't catch up on what I missed. I can keep up on what you need to know. 

GCB Does It By The Gram