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Brandma's Time Out

for solopreneurs

Get the brand freedom you want, at the price you want, without giving in to client pressure

Accepting brandbabies™ for Jan 2023

Everything you need to grow and scale from a party of one

Brandma's Time Out is an accelerated Branded Youniversity program for Solopreneurs. In 13-weeks you develop a brand strategy that includes a foundation, brand positioning, brand voice, brand archetype and more.

Accepting brandbabies™ for Jan 2023

You're a self-aware solopreneur who is starting over with real life skills.

You finally get to brand your way. You're surrounded by folx who inspire you to get shit done. Most of what you know isn't taught in schools or come from a book. Your lived experience is valuable and you're ready to pass it on.

The problem is getting folx to pay attention to what you say at the price you say.

Ghetto Country Brandmother Author
ghetto country brandmother with her cigar

The challenge is sometimes you don't know how to get out of your own way. You're afraid of someone telling you what to do and when. AGAIN! You also don't want to turn your second half into a full-time job. You're unsure of what that looks like, but you know it's doable.


That's because you've never run a business before, but you're tired of not taking action.

I remember starting over for the 3rd time
(or was it the 6th or 7th)

I didn't have a front man anymore. I didn't have a safety net anymore. I didn't have a Plan B anymore.

I didn't have the self-confidence I had before.

"How in the fresh hell am I going to make this work? I know how to do what I do, I don't know how to market it and sell it."

"How do I not turn this into a fucking job I would hate."

"I don't know what to charge for what I do. I'm not even sure how to package what I do."


"Does it matter if I'm an introvert or extrovert?"

" I don't wanna be one of the people always complaining about imposter syndrome. I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about all the stuff I don't know."

"But I have so many great ideas and I wanna do it all."

"How do I know if I'm charging what everyone else is?"

"I thought I would have less to do if I started my own business."


"I spend so much time working in my business, there's little time for anything else."

"Why do I feel like I'm always working but nothing is getting done and no money is coming in?"

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis until max capacity

If anything above is make'n you feel some kinda way...

Trust and believe I know first hand and I wanna challenge you to do better.

And you won't have to be a low-key content creator.

That’s right! No more endless hours of creating posts that get you crickets or a ton of hearts and no money.

Ghetto Country Brandmother of Brandma's House Podcast_edited.jpg

Stop chasing shit that doesn't work


That is the long way to do it. That's because you making noise instead of find ways to engage. I know there is a shorter route to six figures with the right strategy and less work.

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis until max capacity

Here's the thing

Trying to sell without a marketing is foolishness.

Trying to market without a brand is fuckery.

Brand strategy is the tool you use to get clients, but if you don't know how to use it then it's wasted.
You have to convert that strategy into clients and revenue. Otherwise you're like the beggar who keeps getting fish, but never taught how to fish.
Branded Youniversity is about teaching you how to fish. No more begging on how to get leads or increase sales. No more wasting time on shit that doesn't work for YOU!
This framework is about less time with more impact.

welcome to

Branded Youniversity

for solopreneurs

Where self-aware solopreneurs (that cook, coach & create), who are starting over, get the brand awareness they want, without losing the person they are!
 All while while making a profit!

Imagine the possibilities

You split your time between an intimate group of like-minded solopreneur fam and GCB so you get the support you need and the inspiration to take action.

You get guidance in your brand and business strategy, mindset and systems for 100% clarity of next steps. The icing to this is that you get this while building a life you only dare dream of.


How about 4 hours a day, 4 days per week? What about 4 months off per year? What about $4k per week or $40k per month?

What about an exit strategy that includes 7-figures? Experiencing stress free work and work environment is up to you.

Only thing that makes it better is that you're working with folx you like on the client side and the hire side. And don't leave out passive income you're generating.

Icing on the cake is being featured in magazines and being paid for public speaking. 

Or maybe you just want the simple life - day at the spa, pedicure and a nap on a Tuesday afternoon.

I can't promise you all of the above, but I can damn sure make it possible by giving you what you need to make it happen!

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis until max capacity of 7.

I fully appreciate finding this uncut diamond during a time of turmoil. Branding is like the secret sauce to having a successful business. The Time Out is aptly named; however, the sweat and almost tears are worth it because when I speak about my business, I have clarity of what I do and who I do it for.

Casandra Johnson, The Ethical Strategist


About your

Hey Sweethearts,

I'm the business mom you didn't know you needed.


I'm the founder and HBIC of Brandma's House, an agency specializing in brand and business strategy for solopreneurs.

Before becoming a strategist, I spent 10 years building a multi-million dollar food brand from the ground up while raising my daughter. During that time I appeared on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel.


The revelation I got after becoming a strategist is that I could have kept the business, made millions more, and continued to coach kids in business.

Such is life


Learn more about Phyllis 👉🏾

Make this time, your time. 

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis until max capacity of 7.

What's included?

2 live group coaching calls every month with GCB

2 live 1:1 coaching calls every month with GCB

2 live quarterly calls on marketing and SWOT analysis

1 quarterly brand ego check

access to resource hub, frameworks and beta material

access to an exclusive community of brandbabies




Mindset & strategy for brand, marketing & sales


Building trust and credibility as a thought leader


Sales cycle and pipeline for qualified leads


Building the right partnerships


Creating content framework


Toolkits to make you next level ready

Whadda ya say?
Wanna officially join the fam?

Accepting brandbabies™ on a revolving basis until max capacity of 7.

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