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Paying The Cost To Be The Boss

Sounds Like A Broken Record

No Need To Hide

You'll learn as you build your business that your price is not the issue with a person that sees the value. People are going to buy what they wanna buy. They only bitch about price if it's of no value to them.


Look at it this way. If someone gives you their last dollar then what you offered was worth everything they have.

The prices for Brandma's House reflect a willingness to exchange time for money and limited clientele. This allows for a more hands-on personalized working relationship.

Image by Dan Hadar
Prices & Plans

Brandma's Youniversity - $15300-20400*

*monthly & bi-weekly pay as you go plan available



Brandma's Time Out - $6000

*monthly & bi-weekly payment plan available



2-Word Branding - $2500

*3-5 day turn around



Brandma Chats - $1000-1550

2 and 4 hour sessions

Brandma's Masterclasses - $99-1000

special pricing for brandbabies


Ask about DFY Services

*if you attend Youniversity after a Time Out you pay $9,000-12,000

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