Branditude Lesson

Learn Your Brand.
Don't Be Your Brand.

A lesson that breaks down
brand strategy for solopreneurs.

No shade fa real, fa real​. Okay, may a smidge. But it's for your own good. Sweetheart, if you truly want a brand for the ages you gotta know what goes where and why. This is especially true if you want to brand on your terms. It's time you learned your lesson.

It's time to stop jump'n because they jumped.

Hard truth. In life we want to fit in. Branding is not life, it's business and you can't afford to fit in. With branding you have to balance the ones who love you with the ones who hate you. You can't run from your haters in business. What you can do is learn how to brand so you won't try to change when they come at you.

Let's talk about these branditude

  • You run all around the internet picking up brand crumbs

  • You trust your friends to tell you how great your brand is

  • You believe free content will help you build a 6-figure brand

  • You think your brand is deeper because you are your brand

Problem 1

You don't come first

Branding norms tell us that you should build a brand based on customer needs. It's the brand version of having to go along to get along. This puts you in a position of having to fake it til you make it. The problem is, you may never make it.

Problem 2

You don't know the combination

Positioning is about the combination of fam, frenemies and fame. Ordinary strategist call this audience, competition and differentiation. Not know the combination of these three will make your blend in and chasing sells.

Problem 3

You don't know how to be consistently different

You're putting out content but it's not consistent in message, tone, or brand flavor. Sometimes you can't even figure out what type of content to create. You know about pillars but can't figure out what your pillars are. There's no consistency.


Introducing the
Ghetto Country

Sweetheart, I've been where you are.


I struggled through 3 businesses before truly getting my shit together. Chasing people down to buy what I was selling. Afraid to sell because I feared rejection. I went from selling shit I I didn't know how to sell to building a brand that got me on TV. Through all the bullshit and hard lessons, I've learned what can stop you from making my mistakes. It's NOT a secret, they just want you to believe it is. It's the one thing I stand 10 toes down on that makes me successful.


  • 20+ years in business

  • Generated millions in revenue

  • Certified as a brand strategist, business & life coach

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"Having a Brandmother is exactly what ever entrepreneur needs in her arsenal. Her intensive broke down branding in ways that I never heard before and never knew were important to me or pivotal to the success of my business."

- Tyesha West

Branding is hard enough. Stop try'n to do sit by yourself.

Three things I know to be true:

  1. Learning the hard way takes to damn long.

  2. Learning from the wrong folx will have you jacked up

  3. Learning what not to do is just as important as what to do.

If you're in the coaching, retail or food industry, this is for you.

better Brand,
better business

Accept the help &
Stop the struggle

Over two decades as an entrepreneur plus certified as a brand strategist, life coach & business coach.

You can keep hustlin' and grinding' by ya damn self, but I would rather make myself available to you. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don't lose the time or the money I did. It won't be easy to hear, but I will tell you every thing that's missing, messed up and magical.

This Brattitude Lesson is created to help you find out what you don't know. I've been there, done that & I have the cuts, clients and certifications to prove it. Come on now.


Find Out What You Don't Know

Branding is not as simple as the non-branding professionals would have you believe. You should know the truth about what goes into a brand. 

  • Learn why you need a brand strategy

  • Learn why brand strategy follows a process

  • Learn the full breakdown of brand strategy

  • Learn how and when to use your brand statements

  • Learn about core messaging and content

  • Learn what every story you tell should include

  • And much more (because I talk to much)

Are you ready to learn how to build a better brand?

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