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Take time to develop your personal brand so you can take back your personal life.


Branded Time Out is for the individual who let their brand develop around their work. They got caught up in a people-pleasing mess that they want to get out of.


Having a brand puts you in control of more than the narrative. It's sets the rules for how you work and who works with you. Saying that you're for everyone is doing your business a disservice.

At some point you have to take the time to get your shit together otherwise you'll continue to waste time in a dying business.​ You'll also continue to answer pricing questions?

Branded Time Out is beneficial for quick learners who have a pretty good idea of what they want. If you have more questions than answers, then this is not for you.

Stop wasting time trying to convince folx you're as good as you say you are. That's what your brand is for.

Did you start your business without a brand
It's time to PB&Slay

For your personal brand to slay it needs an identity, ego and image


Your personal brand identity has a DNA C.O.D.E. It's the bases of your secondary core message that comes through in your content marketing. 

  • Contemplation

  • Objectives

  • Dedication

  • Ethics


Your personal brand ego is how you set up C.A.M.P. It set the boundaries of your primary core message and gives credence to the identity.

  • Communication

  • Audience

  • Marketing

  • Positioning

Confident elegant man_edited.jpg

Your personal brand image is how you P.L.A.Y. the game. It's the style with which you communicate with the audience.

  • Personality

  • Language

  • Archetype

  • Yarn

White Necktie_edited.jpg
If you had to do it all over...

If you had a momma like mine you had to clean the house before you hit the streets. If you did a rush job, trust and believe you had to do again.

Some of you refuse to go back and clean up your brand. You think you can continue to get away with the mess you've created.


I can promise you that the longer you operate in your mess, the messier it will get. And with a bigger mess, your money get's less and less.

What if you take the time?


Taking a Branded Time Out will help you separate your who from your do. That means you'll know what's personal, what's brand, and what's business.

You can develop a strategic brand that is aligned with your business brand and come away with:

  • a Brand Identity that's confident

  • a Brand Ego you can flex instead of flaunt

  • a Brand Image that walks the talk


Stop wasting time.

Nurturing without the hand holding

Trust me, 13-weeks is not as long as you think, but that's how long we'll work together.


And you're the uber-independent type, so you wanna figure some shit out on your own. 

That means we gotta:

  • develop a strategic personal brand with a core message

  • position the brand so you're confident & the work is valued

  • attract and audience without code-switching for the masses


It's a fast track of self-discovery while connecting the dots of life, brand, and business so you can stay true to you.

Let's walk through it

We're taking 13-weeks of 1:1 time

  • 90 minutes together every week​

  • Actionable homework guidance & breakdown

  • Homework review to answer any questions

  • Identifying your available target market (ATM)

  • SWOT Analysis follow up

  • 1-page marketing plan

  • Access to additional resources

  • Video replays

  • Private events

Most brand strategist barely eak out a brand. The Ghetto Country Brandmother provided layered branding that helped me build a true brand identity, brand ego, and brand image that was authentic to me. The continued guidance has been a huge asset for my growing brand.

Shawna Weir-Wright,

The Beige Bomb


Meet the
Ghetto Country Brandmother®

Founder & Head Brandma In Charge

I'm here for the overwhelmed, burned out, plain ol fucking tired brandbabies who wanna stop working so hard to make their money.


I here to nurture shiny object chasers who have a bunch of great ideas but don't know how to fit them into their life, brand, or business.

I'm here for the long game of making sure you do what you want, charge what you want, so you can live how you want.

Basically, I'm here for you

If you ret ta go, register now!

Don't keep wasting time doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

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