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Brandbaby Rooms in
randma's House

Find out how we can help you unpack and clean up your messy brand

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Brandbabies need love. We provide that love through consulting, coaching and community for self-aware solopreneurs who are starting over.

For us, it's about showing independent business owners how NOT to be a failure rate statistic.

strategy ♠︎ positioning ♠︎ personas

Branded Youniversity

Having the ability to build a brand strategy as unique as your finger print is why you're here. Activating and implementing it in real time is why you'll scale quicker than others in tour industry.


Branded Youniversity is for solopreneurs who

  • Don't want to be told what their brand should be

  • Don't want to code-switch for money

  • Don't want to be limited to sticking only sticking out an eighth of an inch

Branded Youniversity is not just about brand building. It's about understanding:

  • how to price your offers and why

  • how the brands architecture will scale

  • how to endorse instead of pitch your brand

  • how to exit your brand if you choose

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Branded Time Out

Spend time with a brand strategist who can bring the best out of you and your brand. That's what a coach is for.


Developing a brand strategy will show you how to close the gap of where you to where you want to be.


During the Time Out you will:​

  • Break the C.O.D.E. of your Brand Identity

  • Set Up C.A.M.P for a healthy Brand Ego® 

  • And learn to P.L.A.Y. the branding game

This is about brand building that doesn't require you to code-switch in your life, brand and business. It releases you from the stress, anxiety, piss-tivity and other challenges of branding.

Brand Ego® Check

You can get an audit or you can get a Brand Ego® Check. A Brand Ego® Check sets the stage for your life, brand and business. This gives you the freedom to leverage what makes you unique no matter where you show up.

It's not gonna do you any good to sit around frustrated and struggling with a brand that ain't working. Get a branditude check to gain insights and actionable steps to stop leaving money on the table.

A brand ego check includes

  • Analyzing the brand identity

  • Analyzing the brand ego®

  • Analyzing the brand image

  • Insights on brand slack and lack

  • Actions you can take

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Brand Eloquence

Brand Eloquence is knowing how to act in public. Hitting strangers with the full monty of your pitch is a turn off. If thirsty were still a thing, this would be it. 


Liberate your personal brand in this 6-hr workshop. Learn ways to read and lead the conversation so you know when to stay or walk away. You will also...

  • Understand the difference & benefits of personal and business branding

  • Develop a two-word brand that makes you memorable

  • Develop brand hooks and USP's for personal and business

  • Learn to use the right hook for the right crowd at the right time; & much more

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