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Why Brand Strategy

It's not just for the big dogs in the game. It's also not the sole purpose of finding an ideal client. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a brand and most just scratch the surface.


Brand strategy is not about visual expression. If all you're concerned with is making your shit look pretty, you're putting a band-aid on a stab wound. You're leaving the door wide open for your brand to be formed by outsiders. From there you try to fit into the brand they told you to have.

The big dogs brands are built on people pleasing concepts that they pimp it out through marketing. They are intentional about their shit and making you feel some kinda way about it. And although you're not corporate, you beat them at making folx feel some kinda way because you bring the real humanity to the brand. So trust and believe you can do the same for your available target market (ATM).


Where you may have gone wrong was announcing to friends & family about your launch and hope they would support. Then you posted it on your social media pages where it got lost in your everyday life post and the noise of others. 


The day after your launch you're sit'n around with your thumb up your ass wonder'n what to do next. That question is a lot easier to answer when you have a brand strategy. With a brand strategy audiences you get the audience ready for the launch with money in hand.

There's levels to this shit and if you start your business
without a brand strategy,
you're starting at the basement level.


You keep asking the same question. You keep wanting to put the cart before the horse.

Snatch'n colors, buzzwords and bullshit to call it a brand is not a thing. Rushing or wasting money to build a website and other visual assets because you wanna make money now.


You're branding from the wrong end. That's how the fuckery gets in. Your shit is not aligned because you're chase'n money. That's do'n ho shit and giving ho's a bad name.

Stop asking, "How do I increase sales?" Instead ask, how do I brand so money chases me?

P.S. BIG DADDY told me to apologize for cussin' at y'all so hard. I apologize for the cuss words, not for what I said. And brandbaby® always remember your Ghetto Country Brandmother loves ya!

Ghetto Country Brandmother with her cigar
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