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Brand Eloquence

Liberate Your Brand.
Don't Be Your Brand.

Learn to use your personal brand to endorse your business brand

Let's talk about the un-liberated branditude

  • When is the last time you didn't feel like you were pitching your brand

  • When was the last time you didn't worry about mess'n up your brand

  • When is the last time you gave yourself permission to just not be your brand

  • When is the last time you talked about your business without you

No shade fa real, fa real​. Constantly looking for an opportunity to pitch your business could mean you're forcing it people. It's not intentional of course, but still. How do you feel when some unsuspecting person enters your space just to sell you? They have no idea who you are or what you need. You don't like it do you?

It's time to stop branding like a stalker

As cute as you are and as great as your offer you may be running folx off or turning them off. They would love to buy from you but they never will because you didn't pick up on the signs. I know a closed mouth don't get fed but that's doesn't mean you have to run folx down like a lion in the Serengeti. 

Problem 1

You pitch as soon as you meet

How often have you walked up to someone and said, "Hi. I'd like to give you one of my cards" and proceed to engage in a one sided conversation? Even if you were subtle enough to strike up a disingenuous conversation on your lips and and a receipt book in your heart. Come on now.

Problem 2

You don't know how to segue

Going from 0 to 60 in a conversation is sure to make someone bolt. In your mind how do you jump the cavern from this is a great even to buy my shit? You took no notice if they even asked what do you do. Even at a networking event you need to have some finesse.

Problem 3

You don't know how to make them want it

They are allowing you to hold court but you're not sure if it's going good or just okay. When do you trust you've said enough and it's time to do the walk away? Remind me to tell you the story my husband told me about Miles Davis and John Coltrane.


Introducing the
Ghetto Country

Sweetheart, I've been where you are.


I struggled through 3 businesses before truly getting my shit together. Chasing people down to buy what I was selling. Afraid to sell because I feared rejection. I went from selling shit I I didn't know how to sell to building a brand that got me on TV. Through all the bullshit and hard lessons, I've learned what can stop you from making my mistakes. It's NOT a secret, they just want you to believe it is. It's the one thing I stand 10 toes down on that makes me successful.


  • 20+ years in business

  • Generated millions in revenue

  • Certified as a brand strategist, business & life coach

Learn more about Phyllis 👉🏾

"Time for me to shout out the bad azzzz Ghetto Country Brandmother! ...And for the FIRST TIME, thanks to YOU and your insights, I was able to include “candidly-caring brand identity designer”. How bout that!?!? 😎😬 It felt liberating and exciting to articulate that in a public space, and I can own it. ."

- Nigel Lawrence


Branding is hard enough. Stop try'n to do sit by yourself.

Three things I know to be true:

  1. Learning the hard way takes to damn long.

  2. Learning from the wrong folx will have you jacked up

  3. Learning what not to do is just as important as what to do.

If you're in the coaching, retail or food industry, this is for you.

better Brand,
better business

Accept the help &
Stop the struggle

Over two decades as an entrepreneur plus certified as a brand strategist, life coach & business coach.

You can keep hustlin' and grinding' by ya damn self, but I would rather make myself available to you. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don't lose the time or the money I did. It won't be easy to hear, but I will tell you every thing that's missing, messed up and magical.

This Brattitude Etiquette is created to help you find out the 4W's and H of talking your way into a lead. I've been there, done that & I have the cuts, clients and certifications to prove it. Come on now.


Talk Your Way Into A Lead

Talking about your business brand through your personal brand can take some practice.

  • Understand the difference and benefits between your personal & business brand

  • Understand the difference between your intro & your pitch

  • Develop a two-word brand to leave a mark

  • Develop a hook & usp for your personal and business brand

  • Learn to use the right hook for the right crowd

  • Learn when to introduce and when to pitch

There's a better brand for you. Are you ready for it?

Got questions? Click here to schedule a chit chat with the Ghetto Country Brandmother® or email her at

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