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Brand Ego® Check

Leverage Your Brand.
Don't Be Your Brand.

Get a brand ego check to see
what's mess'n with your money

No shade fa real, fa real​. These are legit things folx do. Some do it well and blow up. Other's make a mess and need to clean it up. If you're on the other hand side, don't sweat it, just say you're ready to clean up.

That means you're growing the fuck up.

You've decided you need to know why you're doing the chasing instead of being chased. You've decided you wanna know what other folx got that you ain't got. You've decided you wanna know why you have to beg for the money instead of ask for the money. 

You can't fix a problem you don't know about.

Let's check out your branditude

  • Did you copy someone else's brand and try to make it work?

  • Did you piece your brand together using Google & Youtube?

  • Did you fuck around and start a business without a brand?

Problem 1

There's no rhyme or reason to your content

What is the core message of your brand? How have you weaved your story into your marketing? You put your mission, vision, or purpose statement on your website. You make a big ass promise about results, but you're still confused about marketing.

Problem 2

Your clients can't find you and you can't find them

Are you attracting bargain shoppers? Are you chasing folx down to make the sale? Maybe you're getting sales but you feel like you have to work so hard for them. You've gotten referrals but they are diminishing. You've done everything possible to get the right folx through the doors, but it feels like a struggle every time.

Problem 3

You're losing your confidence so you're not consistent

You know what you're offering is good but you get anxious and eager when someone seems interested. Fear sets in when you approach someone who seems like a good fit for your offer. You prove yourself right by not believing in your own brand. Why aren't you comfortable in your own skin?


Introducing the Ghetto Country

Sweetheart, I've been where you are.


I struggled through 3 businesses before truly getting my shit together. Chasing people down to buy what I was selling. Afraid to sell because I feared rejection. I went from selling shit I I didn't know how to sell to building a brand that got me on TV. Through all the bullshit and hard lessons, I've learned what can stop you from making my mistakes. It's NOT a secret, they just want you to believe it is. It's the one thing I stand 10 toes down on that makes me successful.


  • 20+ years in business

  • Generated millions in revenue

  • Certified as a brand strategist, business & life coach

Learn more about Phyllis 👉🏾

"And let me tell you that I am so amazed by your skills, you made me feel like you really listened to me, and offered good solutions. I can even see it by my notes how I felt. :)"

- Giorgia Molinari, Strategist & Designer

The best way to get your ass in gear is to know where to start. You gotta face it.

Three things I know to be true:

  1. It's time to shake the spot if you've been in business at least 2 years and you're not growing

  2. It's time to shake the spot if you can't seem to break the 5-figure ceiling you built

  3. It's time to shake the spot if you have products and offers that aren't producing

better Brand,
better business

Accept the help
Stop the struggle

Over two decades as an entrepreneur plus certified as a brand strategist, life coach & business coach.

You can keep hustlin' and grinding' by ya damn self, but I would rather make myself available to you. I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don't lose the time or the money I did. It won't be easy to hear, but I will tell you every thing that's missing, messed up and magical.

This Brattitude Check is not like any brand audit out there. I've been there, done that & I have the cuts, clients and certifications to prove it. 

Regina Louise B&W.jpg

I love the collateral Phyllis created and I’m beyond excited when I think of the resources I now have (externally & most importantly internally), to move forward with my new business ideas/plans.

Regina Louise, Author - Speaker - Public Figure

It's time to stop wondering

Finally find out how to better your brand. Learn the good, bad and ugly of brand​ of your brand identity, brand ego® and brand image, so you can get your brand cleaned up.

  • Insights on all areas of your brand

    • brand foundation​

    • positioning

    • messaging

    • persona

    • archetype

    • storytelling

    • C.A.M.P.S.

  • Prelim to full brand strategy

  • Live video presentation

  • Digital & Printed Roadmap

There's a better brand for you. Are you ready for it?

Got questions? Click here to schedule a chit chat with the Ghetto Country Brandmother® or email her at

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