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Starts 12/14

4-Day ATM Remodel
For Solopreneurs

A workshop to identify your available target market for better access to your ideal client.

No more throwing darts in the dark hoping to hit just anyone.

Picture not worrying about where to find your ideal client...

You know your shit but you're struggling to know your audience. The constant stress of chasing down sells has you second guess your business decisions.

On the really bad days you wanna say fuck it, even though you know that means going back to making someone else rich or living with regrets.

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I have like a different perspective in the way that I think of my audience. It's like it's a more authentic approach to marketing myself to where I am starting with myself and seeing who do I want to attract to my business. This workshop also kind of gave me permission to be myself.

Morgan Blake Turner, Fluid Artist


Without an ATM you're
chasing money

Chasing money is at the core of imposter syndrome and feeling like a sleazy salesperson.

Why? Because your only concern is the sell.


Having an available target market gives you a more receptive audience. You took the time to identify them and where they are.


This also reduces your marketing cost. With a defined audience you're not wasting money on a reachable audience that's not listening.

So do the hard work once and you won't have to worry about again until you reposition your brand for the next level.

If only you could get a clear picture of who they are and where they are so you generate more revenue...

so you can meet your life, brand, and business goals...

So you can finally raise your pricces, because you've found the clients who are willing to pay.


You have a waiting list because you're the go to person for that audience.

If you're nodding and saying hell yeah, then I'm here for you, because you deserve to know who they are.


What type of client would you prefer?

Undesirable Client

"I saw your post and was wondering if you have something cheaper?"

And they send you a bunch of links to cheaper options with the question.

Desirable Client

"I understand you're the go to person for this kind of work and I'm ready for it."

They didn't ask about your price but you get the impression they already know and will pay to work with you.

I walked away with the TAM, the RAM, and the ATM. That helps me identify who to say not too, so that I can say yes to certain people. With that these certain people, can at first seem very limiting. But when you use the mathematical part, it's like realistically as a solopreneur you can only grab so many out of your ATM.

LaTonya Allen, The Taboo Therapist


"But Brandmother, isn't this niching?"

Your niche is based on positioning your product, service, and or brand within your industry, market, or region.

Your ATM, however, can be separated by your various offers. When done properly you won't run the risk of marketing your $47 offer to your $470 audience.


ATM Remodel

Finally, A comprehensive look at identifying your ATM for your ideal client.

In 4 days you'll have the knowledge and tools to target the right audience for the right offer...

You'll be able to identify exactly the audience you want for every offer you have

You'll have a system in place for identifying an audience for an upcoming offer

You'll generate better leads for your offers without spending more money on marketing

A look behind the curtain of the mini-course

Lesson 1
Learn how to mix shit up


I'll walk you through the good bad and ugly of what's involved in a market mix.

Worksheet included

Replays available for 30 days

Pop-up Facebook group for networking

Lesson 2
Learn how to look for folx


It's about knowing where you look within industries, markets, and trends to better understand the audience

Worksheet included

Replays available for 30 days

Pop-up Facebook group for networking

Brandma's House Market Research
Brandma's House Market Segmentation

Lesson 3
Learn the audience split


When you know what makes up an audience you can better define how you want to piece it together

Worksheet included

Replays available for 30 days

Pop-up Facebook group for networking

Lesson 4
Learn how to approach


Branding and marketing require a strategy so you know how to close the gap of where you are to where you're going

Worksheet included

Replays available for 30 days

Pop-up Facebook group for networking

Brandma's House Marketing Strategy


Do you want an audience that gets you closer to your ideal client and learn what I do for clients who want to lower the marketing budget?

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