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Brandma's House


An intense 2-hour 2-word branding session with the Ghetto Country Brandmother® for solopreneurs who want to be remembered, relatable, and irresistible to their available target market.

MARCH 5, 2023
regular houseguest $99 / private houseguest $199
for now

Tired of trying to get folx to remember your name long after you left the room?

Knowing you need to be remembered and making it happen is two different things.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is just beg'n for hurt feelings and anxiety.

And yet... all the big name solopreneurs are telling you to be your brand.

Afraid you're gonna have to rebrand when you scale?

Using your name as your personal and business brand can hinder or slow your scalability because it's obscured by folx who already dominate the scene. That should stop you though.

You have to to stop working so hard by getting the focus off you and get it on your business. If you don't, it's a set up for you to work in your business longer than you work on your business to grow it.

Time to get a 2-word brand that memorable & scalable

What is the 2-word brand masterclass about?

The 2-word Brand Masterclass is an intense 2-hour personal branding session design for you to get real and a bit vulnerable about developing a strategic brand.

The masterclass is developed to give you tools to showcase your uniqueness and scale it into a whole ass brandable vibe.

Fearless vulnerability, foolishness & finding shit out

Developing a scalable 2-word brand is not easy and it's not for the timid because coming up with the name is just the beginning.

You have to try it own, test it out, see how others react to it and and how you respond to the reaction.

Learning how to use a 2-word brand as part of an endorser brand takes iteration.

Learn The Techniques I Use When
2-word Branding My Clients

Ebony L_edited.jpg

The Ratchet Sage™

Ebony L. Green, the founder of Authentic Distinction uses her ratchet brand to tell you to Bring Your A.S.S.™ wherever you go. A.S.S. stands for actionable safe space and it is sets the stage for various ways to do so.

The Hospitable VOX™

Neil P. Strawder, formerly known as Bigmista, gave it up to become the HOSPITABLE VOX. He scaling from voice over artist to audio branding in the hospitality industry. It speaks to his fondness for good food, good, drink and great travels.


The Ethical Strategist™

Cas Johnson, founder of CAS Ltd is here for the ethical treatment of internal communities. She does this by evaluating the effectiveness and enforceability of your companies policies and procedures.


Establishing a 2-word brand can be a stepping stone to a full brand strategy. It's a game changer for band awareness and brand architecture.


An stablished 2-word brand needs to be evaluated for relatability and resonance. It needs to align with a bigger brand strategy.


Engaging with a 2-word brand can become second nature. It's an imperceptible boundary of staying true to you 1st and audience 2nd.

A 2-word brand is a perfect first step to closing up cracks and crevices that make you leave money on the table.

It's also a stress-free way to get the flavor of a full brand strategy without the overwhelm.

In this masterclass, you'll learn everything you need to know about the power of the 2-word brand, establishing the boundaries, and evaluating the options.

A 2-word brand should align with your audience and make room to scale. It should be flexible enough to use as an introduction, hook an audience to engagement and target the right audience.

Got Questions?

You think you wanna register but not 💯 on whether you should pull the trigger or not? Shoot me an email at


I don't know what else to tell you sweetheart other than if you don't wanna do it yourself,

I'd be happy to do it for you. But that's a whole nother ball a wax.

Oh, there is one other thing. If you sign up as a private houseguest, you get an extra session with some live coaching to help get this shit done.

MARCH 5, 2023
regular houseguest $99 / private houseguest $199
for now
Ghetto Country Brandmother of Brandma's House in BW smoking a cigar

I'm the
Ghetto Country

Founder & HBIC of Brandma's House

And I approve this message.

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